WATCHOUT 6 has been released!WO6Logo

Download WATCHOUT 6 and while you’re at it check out Dataton’s new website. There you will find new WATCHOUT 6 Tutorials and more information about WATCHOUT’s new features.

WATCHOUT 6 Features

  • Newlook user interface designed for typically low-light working environments
  • Live editing shows all changes you make as you make them. Designed to speed up creative process as all edits take effect immediately
  • Virtual displays.Useful for mapping pixels onto LED walls managed through external LED wall processor, for example
  • Virtual displays can be mapped onto 3D geometry
  • Drag in 3D models. Reads standard 3D file formats, such as 3DS, OBJ and Collada
  • Texture 3D mesh areas independently
  • Texture 3D mesh areas with any content supported by WATCHOUT, including multi-layer compositions
  • Create and manipulate 3D elements as part of a presentation
  • 3D Projector feature for projections onto complex 3D geometry
  • Marker-based calibration to align projection on 3D objects
  • Pre-visualization of the stage presentation environment
  • Custom blending masks with individual control of the blending curve
  • Multi-channel audio playback. Route channels and control individual volume in multi-channel audio files
  • Supports high-end uncompressed video formats such as V210 and Apple ProRes
  • Supports low-compression, high-performance codecs such as HAP, HAP Alpha and HAP Q
  • Play uncompressed image sequences at full resolution and framerate from fast SSD hard drive
  • Video playback framerate control
  • Supports dynamic images from HTML5-based content
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