Medialon Show Control Software and Servers

Medialon Manager V6

Turn any PC into a show controller with Medialon Manger v6 software. Audio and video streaming, links to database, media management, and facility wide control are not dreams anymore. Get a programming interface, GUI builder, and show execution engine with this all-in-one software!

Medialon Showmaster LE

Showmaster LE is designed for small to medium show control applications in museums, showrooms, stores, restaurants, and attractions. It can also be used as subsystem in larger shows or attractions. Its ability to generate 3 HTML touch panels, accessible by web browsers on any tablet or PC, makes it very competitive for such applications.

Medialon Showmaster PRO

Showmaster Pro is designed for medium to large show control applications in museums, showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and attractions, or when a large number of controlled devices require additional interfaces.

Medialon MAS Pro Dante

Medialon MAS Pro Dante is a professional audio server for both multi-track applications and independent multi-zone audio playback.

Available in 32, 64, and 128 channel versions, MAS Pro lets you synchronize each of its Dante output channels individually or by groups, and control them independently or by groups. The high quality Dante interface provides state-of-the-art high definition digital audio.

MAS Pro Dante can be synchronized to timecode with a Medialon show controller. Although it includes a remote application to upload media and control playback manually, MAS Pro Dante’s capabilities expand when controlled by a Medialon show controller.

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