We are a sponsor for the World Stage Design exhibition, happening Aug. 6-16 in Calgary, AB.
This year’s CITT Rendez-Vous exhibition is being held Aug. 11-13 in conjunction with World Stage Design, and we’ll be there!

Video Wall in Dubai
Ovation Media Server

Commanding A/V Technology

Show Sage is Dataton’s North American distributor and partner, your premier connection to DATATON WATCHOUT™ multi-display production and playback software. We are your best source for state-of-the-art media servers. And we are your connection to the Ovation Audio Server and Sequencer from Merging Technologies.

We are the team behind your team to help you create stunning multi-display presentations. We’ve helped countless organizations present their stories in dramatic and engaging ways.

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  • Powering the big LED screens February 24, 2022
      You're all set to make an impact with giant LED screens: you've got the venue, the vision and the content is ready to roll. But have you got the power? Mats Karlsson, CEO at Stage Smarts, looks at key factors to keep in mind when planning power distribution for LED screens.
    Mats Karlsson
  • Esports pioneers the future of hybrid immersive live events January 28, 2022
    Esports were already booming before the pandemic and are now in an even stronger position. Adrian Pennington looks at the workflow that put the sport ahead of the rest from the start and the broader implications for the events industry in general.
    Adrian Pennington
  • It's not graffiti, it's projection art: LUMA Festival in New York September 10, 2021
    A small group of friends met up at a fine arts gallery in downtown Binghamton, New York to play around with an idea. Knowing almost nothing about projection-mapping they did know that the results were pretty fantastic and they wanted to learn more about it. Over the course of the next few months an assorted […]
    Artsy Chow Roamer