Giant iTab

Giant iTab® giant smartphone kiosks are an easy, intuitive and impactful approach to facility and event directories, app demonstration, digital engagement, and real time e-commerce. With Giant iTab, set-up no longer requires a custom graphical user interface, because it uses your existing client content along with readily available iOS and Android apps. For users, that means walking up to an instantly recognizable screen! This is interactivity as it was meant to be.

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Group shot of the 4 Giant iTab models

iTab Core

For businesses who already own touchscreen kiosks, we have an option to easily and cost-effectively transform them into Giant iTabs with the “iTab Core”. The iTab Core provides you with the brain of the Giant iTab and WiFi interconnectivity.  Plug it into your existing touchscreen equipment, and you have an Android giant smartphone ready to go.  Increase the effectiveness of your kiosks with a fimilar look and feel!

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